Thursday, August 2, 2007

Seth has had a busy couple of weeks!

Well, let me begin by saying that all of the events I will be posting took place in a matter of 11 days....11 days of which Seth's daddy was in Canada on his annual fishing trip.

David flew out early Monday morning (July 23rd). On Tuesday night Seth pulled a lamp off the fireplace and cut his head open. There was blood...not in mass-quantity, but blood nonetheless. My first instinct was to load him in the car and take him to the emergency room. I suppressed the urge and decided to take a closer look at the cut. Upon inspection I decided no stitches were needed, but I placed a call to Seth's pediatrician's office just to double check. No emergency room trip was necessary, he was just fine after some pressure was applied and Tylenol was given.

Wednesday night at church, we were sitting in the vestibule when Seth decided to pull the switch that sets off the fire alarm....during church. Nobody in church seemed too disturbed by the shrill sound of the alarm. Bro. Jimmy, on the other hand, came running out to see what happened. It took 8 men and two calls to the fire department to clear up the situation and silence the alarm. Seth received a congratulatory hand shake for being the first person to ever pull the alarm in the history of the church.

Thursday through the weekend were pretty incident free. Monday, Seth was at it again. We went to a restaurant for a birthday luncheon for a friend. While waiting for everyone to arrive, Seth and I were munching on some complimentary bread. Seth, being the sharing kind of person he is, gave me a crumb of his bread. Well, let me just say I thought it was bread. After at least 10 seconds of chewing something of a strange texture, it dawned on me that Seth might not have given me bread. The tasteless morsel that I had been chewing on turned out to be the dead fly that was on the table when we had arrived at the restaurant. I spit the fly into my napkin and nearly vomited. I kind of lost my appetite after that.

Tuesday, Seth vomited all over himself in his high chair. I put him in the bathtub pajamas and all. After rinsing out his pajamas, I drained the tub, stripped him, refilled the tub, and washed him up. As is our custom after he is clean, Seth plays in the tub for 30 minutes or so. During his playtime, I discovered that Seth had pooped in the water. I swiftly carried him to the other tub and re-washed him. While he was in there, I fished out the poop and filled the tub with bleach and water. In the end the tub was clean and so was Seth.

Nothing of major significance happened Wednesday. Thursday, the day David was travelling home, I decided to get Seth a haircut. Of all the haircuts Seth has had, this one was by far the most unpleasant experience. Seth screamed and cried and wiggled and squirmed and jerked the whole time. Miraculously the haircut turned out to be a good one in spite of Seth's tantrum. After the haircut we met David's family for lunch. Seth was pretty good except for knocking over a partition in the restroom. Just 6 more hours until Daddy comes home!!!! Hallelujah

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seth is having a baby sister!!!!!

Well, we got quite a surprise at our doctor's visit last week. During the ultrasound, we saw that we are having a baby girl. Although the first ultrasound suggested boy parts....there were none to be found...only girl parts. So, Seth is going to be a big brother to a little sister. We are planning on naming her Sophie Elisabeth and she looked fantastic at the ultrasound. She was measuring right on track, and by all appearances, was perfectly healthy. We are still planning on having a 4-D ultrasound in about 8 weeks or so.

Seth can now identify his own nose and not just everyone else's. He has learned to pucker his lips and give kisses. He loves being in the swimming pool and wrestling with his daddy. He ate fried zucchini the other day and loved it! He will now eat chocolate covered raisins without sucking the chocolate off and spitting out the raisins. He loves drinking water (especially from Mommy's glass with a straw), milk, juice, sweet tea, and of course...pop (which he gets very little of, but loves every sip). He is 100% boy!!!! It will be interesting to see if Sophie will be as girly as he is boyish. I sure hope she looks like him, or at least is equally cute and sweet, maybe a little less rotten though. Hahaha. Well, I guess that's all for now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach Trip

For the second consecutive year, we took Seth to the beach at Emerald Isle. This year he loved it! He played in the sand for hours, but the tide pools were by far his favorite.

In other news, we go to the ob/gyn Thursday for our "big" ultrasound. We will find out whether the tech's earlier prediction of a boy is true or false. We still haven't decided on a name if it is a boy. We felt the baby move with our hands Sunday night.

Seth's recent developmental accomplishments include: pinching his daddy, sword fighting with shovels, giving great kisses, and a few more words have been added to his vocabulary.

Well that's all there is to update for now....more to come Thursday.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where to even begin updating this blog????

Okay, so it's been 6 and half months since I posted in Seth's blog. Yeah, I know...bad mommy! Well the format for blogger has changed and I can't figure out how to make my old blog part of my new blog. Anyway, if you are interested in months 7 through 10 of Seth's life, you can still access them at . As for the rest, I'll try to make a brief summary of months 10 through 16 and then stay updated from there.

Anyway...since my last post, Seth has had a birthday. His party was at Chuck E Cheese and he loved it!

He has had several viruses, nothing serious.

He learned to he's running.

He is no longer a toothless wonder. He got his first tooth in October, another in November, and then four more in April. He now has six total.

He has a vocabulary of about 10 words or so (Mama, Dada, Elmo, Ball, Dog, Car, Belly, No, Yes, Seth, and maybe a few others).

He has been on several trips (Pigeon Forge, Washington, Canada, Pennsylvania, I think that's it).

He has developed quite the sense of humor. He amazes me every day. Oh, I nearly forgot his dance moves. Look out Fred Astaire!!! The kid has rhythem. He started out just bouncing up and down, now he sways from side to side and throws his arms around. It is so cute!!!

He has had four haircuts in all. He still hates it as much as he ever did. He cannot stand personal hygeine of any kind, actually. He is particularly disturbed by brushing his teeth. He finally enjoys a bath...except for actually being washed, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

He is truly an amazing child. His personality is so adorable and fun. He is truly one of God's greatest blessings in our lives. We couldn't love him more.

One more thing...Seth is going to be a big brother in October!!!!!! I am 15 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound tech thinks it's another boy. Seth is going to have a little brother! How sweet! We are very excited to be adding another member to our family! We haven't decided on a name yet, but we will...eventually.

Well, that about sums up the last six months...I think!