Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today, January 25, 2009, Seth's favorite toys include bread dough, dinosaurs, plah-doh, moon sand, balls, and books. His vocabulary is amazing, and he is beginning to make connections about abstract things. Last night he told his daddy that he was going to go to sleep and take his crocodile to sleep with him. Except, he can't sleep because he can't close him's eyes. He and Sophie have started fighting over toys. They love each other most of the time, but they are really starting to have their disagreements. Seth tries to mother Sophie, but he isn't very gentle.

Today, Seth got his feelings hurt for the first time. He was running outside and a couple of boys he wanted to play with left him out. As his mother it broke my heart for him, but it is all part of growing up. He, I am certain, will one day do the same to another child. I love my boy so much and want him to always be happy, but that isn't what real life is like. Sometimes it's hard to stay back and let them learn on their own.